Quick, easy, pain-free setup

Save hours of time configuring your own OpenVPN instance. Start a secure VPN to browse from around the world in minutes. VPN-O-Matic is the fastest way to create OpenVPN instances for Digital Ocean.

Geolocation Testing

Developers can use this service to test their geolocation within their projects from locations around the world such as New York, Singapore and Frankfurt.


The VPN-O-Matic application is a PHP7 Laravel based application that is simple to configure and easy to setup so you and your team can setup VPNs fast and securely.

Save Money

Save yourself money by running your own VPN, private VPNs vary in cost and limit by bandwidth - with VPN-O-Matic you're only limited by your Digital Ocean bandwidth.

5% Donation

We donate 5% of each sale to community organisations like Let's Encrypt as a thank you for their work.

Student, Education &
Open Source

We offer a discounted rate for open source projects, educational institutions and students. Contact us for more information.